Smart Oil SM1001


Smart Oil SM1001

Dr Clean – Smart Oil is a penetrating lubricant for mechanical and electrical equipment that also displace moisture.


Displaces moisture and seals out moisture and corrosion in electrical motors, relays, controls, switches, line jacks, telephone cross connection boxes, instruments, tools and mechanical parts.


  • Shake vigorously and spray Smart Oil into and on equipment until all surfaces are wet. This will remove condensation moisture.


  • Electrical equipment does not have to be turned off while applying Smart Oil.

Typical Properties

Appearance     Amber

Odour               Mild

Toxicity             Harmful if Swallowed


Low Surface Tension – Penetrates into inaccessible parts of machinery and motors to quickly displace moisture and form a tough molecular barrier against further collection of moisture.

Slow Evaporation – Formulated with a slow evaporation rate yet clean well and protext well.

Non-Flammable Safe – for use near open flame or where sparking might exist due to its difficulty in igniting.

Safe – Low in toxicity, non-corrosive and safe for use on all metals.

Highly Effective – Deep penetration that immediately lubricates all surfaces including reducing friction and preventing corrosion on cable and wire ropes.

Unaffected By Temperature – Resists rapid temperature changes.

Aids Vehicle Starting – Displaces and seals out moisture to aid vehicle starting.

Cleans and Protects – Removes stubborn grease stains.

Low Odour – Unique low-odour formula.

Prevent Electrical Shock – Blended to resist electrical short circuits.

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